Privacy policy and data protection

Termoelektro Ltd. Brčko processes personal data of visitors to the website  under data protection law. Protecting the privacy of website visitors is extremely important to us and we are aware of the importance of the data entrusted to us. We never disclose the personal data of site visitors to third parties, without their consent, and apply the highest level of data protection.

The following company is responsible for processing the data of visitors to the website :

The personal data of site visitors are processed only by the company Termoelektro Ltd. Brčko and company will never publish or share the data with other organizations. If this happens, the company requests consent. This can happen if it comes to certain tasks or contractual obligations, or if contractual obligations are transferred to third parties, that is, company process and use data only if it is necessary for the realization of contractual obligations.

Data that Termolektro Ltd. Brčko processes include data when initiating and establishing a business relationship through the contact form, data from other companies, with which a business relationship has been established, and with companies with which we have an ongoing business relationship.

The following data are processed:

  • biography of potential employees, name and surname, e-mail address, phone number, when applying for an open job position, by filling out the contact form
  • public notices, news and information about the company’s activities, which may contain name, surname and contact information.

If site visitors submit their information through the contact form, it will be available only to persons authorized for this process. Website visitors have the right to correct, delete or limit the processing of stored data, the right to complain about data processing and appeal in accordance with the provisions of the Data Protection Law of Bosnia and Herzegovina. By sending data through the contact form, visitors agree to the processing of the submitted personal data.

The website also uses “cookies”, text files that are stored on the visitor’s device with the aid of the browser. Cookies are used to make our services more useful for visitors, and some of them remain on the visitor’s device even after leaving the company’s website, that is, until the owner of the device deletes them. The reason of cookie usage is that the website recognizes the browser from the user’s device if the user accesses the website again. The functionality of the site is limited by refusing to accept cookies, which prevents the collection of information about visit patterns, such as the time of the visit, the length of the page viewed, the browser used, etc., which is decided by the site visitor.

The protection of personal data of site visitors is important to us, so when collecting data about site visitors, we respect all necessary legal obligations and internet browser policies.