Termoelektro Ltd. Brčko

originally was part of the holding company Termoelektro Belgrade.

Termoelektro Ltd. Brčko is a private and independent company, founded on 23rd of July, 1997. The company was successor of The Termoelektro Holding Belgrade, which was founded back in 1948. Preduzeće je nastalo iz Holdinga Termoelektro a.d. Beograd osnovanog davne 1948. godine.

Termoelektro is a specialized company for: construction, overhaul, reconstruction, revitalization and maintenance of thermal energy plants, industrial and other facilities, as well as manufacturing and assembly of non-standard equipment and construction. Termoelektro provides a total of high-quality service, from engineering and project development to work organization on the construction site according to "turn-key" system.

To develop and maintain business relations with domestic and foreign partners, providing high professionalism and top quality, while respecting the deadlines and interests of our clients.

With our recognizable working policy, we want to attract, develop and retain the best experts in our business. In this way, we will increase trust in the Termoelektro trademark, which is our obligation to business partners, owners, employees and our entire community.

To maintain a leading position on the home market, and to strengthen our role in strategic markets abroad. We want to grow into a company that is capable of designing and executing even the most complex projects, surpassing the expectations of our clients with quality.

The history of  Termoelektro Ltd.

The year 1892.
The first electrical power plant in Belgrade
It all started with the arrival of Nikola Tesla and the construction of the first power plant in Belgrade
The year 1892.
Construction of the first hydropower plant
Soon after, the first hydroelectric plant was built on the Đetinja River
The year 1938.
The first Thermal power plant in the Balkans
In 1938, the first thermal power plant in the Balkans was built, in municipality Vreoci
The year 1938.
The year 1948.
Foundation of Termolektro Holding Belgrade
Termoelektro Holding Belgrade was founded back in 1948.
The year 1948.
July 23rd, 1997.
Foundation of Termolektro Brčko Ltd.
The Termoelektro Ltd. Brčko was founded on 23rd of July, 1997.
July 23rd, 1997.
The year 1999
The independence of The Termoelektro Ltd.
Termoelektro Ltd. Brčko becomes private property and independent company
The year 1999

Why do business  with Termoelektro


We are highly skilled to create new ideas all the time. Considering the quality of the final product, we solve any possible problem during the process of production.


We are a business-minded company that adheres to principles and standards. We care about our projects as well as about the environment.


Quality is our main reference, but we never give up trying to be even better, faster and with higher quality.


The numbers speak for themselves


Completed projects






Do you need a partner in industrial business?

We have answers for all the challenges!

! If the customer's requirements are unclear or incomplete, we are committed to do whatever it takes in order to better understand the needs and requirements of our customers. Our goals relate to the development, production and assembly of products of specified quality, within the agreed delivery date and with the lowest costs.

The quality level of our services must be in accordance with the delivery specification, regulations and standards
Ilija Stjepanović, President of the Board

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